The mad genius
of brand genesis.

Seek And Ye Shall Find

Seekr sought to stand tall among dominant tech giants in search, with a game-changing approach to impartial content and informed dialogues. But to be a hero in search engines required a Villain to drive product awareness and adoption through the creation of a breakout brand identity, online presence, product design, and marketing strategy.

In Search of Brand Identity

To develop this startup’s go-to-market strategy, Villain spearheaded a search audience analysis that determined a unique, disruptive value to consumers: impartial, privacy-aware search. Next: renaming the search engine to the more expressive “Seekr” — and crafting its memorable, action-oriented catchphrase: “Stop Searching, Start Seeking.”

Pioneering Product Design

Villain led the product design of Seekr’s mobile app, with a front-end grounded in seamless, easy-to-use UX/UI. Integrated heat-map testing tracked and refined user behavior, to ensure the search experience that shipped was intuitive, enjoyable, and productive.

Engineering Engagement

Only a Villain could orchestrate Seekr’s multi-pronged assault on digital, a massive launch campaign that engaged the target audience through email, social and paid media — driving awareness, app downloads and monthly active users.

CRM Rises to the Top

Villain choose Hubspot as Seekr’s CRM, implementing the solution from configuration, to landing page form integration, to the creation of an MQL/SQL scoring system for lead gen and demand gen: all critical data to empower the sales team with relevant leads — and drive revenue.

BIG Influence

In addition to capturing over 24K waitlist sign-ups, Villain leveraged its unique relationships to enlist prominent political and social influencers to demo Seekr’s unbiased filters in action: expanding credibility, boosting product adoption across new audiences, and fostering brand loyalty.