Investing in App Downloads

Opening up Mazoola’s mobile wallet to more parents.

Pump Up the Value

Mazoola’s secure digital wallet for kids lacked awareness among moms & dads — but Villain had a plan to make some noise.

Appraising the Situation

A comprehensive survey among users and prospects identified acquisition challenges — including product enhancement recommendations from our pro hackers.

Financial Smarts

In-depth research revealed parents wanted more than financing digital activities — they were interested in “funding” their children’s financial literacy.

Pirating Attention

Within a helpful campaign of financial ed, Villain cunningly concealed a 3-part strategic, staged marketing funnel.

Investment Strategy

Part 1: paid media to reach more parents and encourage downloads with the added benefit of economic learning in a controlled environment.

Profit Statements

Part 2: an email nurture campaign to engage parents organically, guiding them from download to account set-up to funding — with extra tips & tricks for kids.

Bank on Experience

Part 3: social to share how families are benefiting.

It All Adds Up

Together, a way to build trust with parents, financial responsibility among kids, and more downloads for Mazoola.