Resurrecting the Dodo

Launching Colossal Bioscience’s epic rescue mission.

De-Extinction Excitement

With its new potential for species conservation, the plan to bring back the legendary bird was a hero move — but it would take Villain’s social scheming to ensure the news didn’t vanish in a wave of competing clicks.

Imagine the Unknowable

Our flock of Villains mind-melded with generative AI to recreate the long-gone flightless fowl, moving at the speed of viral news cycles to push forward wow-worthy content.

Flapping Wings

A social rapid response team monitored and managed the online community across a 2-week buzz, boosting shares and awareness to smash KPI goals — and ensure this dodo didn’t re-extinct.

Flipping the Bird

The results: heightened interest from scientists & investors, more followers for Colossal, and media love on Fox, Forbes, Colbert, Kimmel plus+plus+plus make the dodo more popular than ever — just in time for its return.